19 December 2008

Sweet Boy

Rion has figured out how to suck his thumb.
Watching his dad and uncle play Guitar Hero.

Smiling in the mirror.

Snow Bound!

Rion in the snow. What a snow angel!

Family Portraits

More Autumn

Rion was a skeleton this year for Halloween and cousin Gabe was a teddy bear.
This is Rion on Thanksgiving.

Rion with mom and aunt Amy.

06 November 2008

31 August 2008

Rion Luke

My baby boy is here!

Rion Luke was born on 8.24.08 at 9:25pm via c-section.

He was 9lbs 14oz and 21.5in.

15 August 2008

Dad, Mom & Joshua

In order of age, Dad, Mom & Joshua all had birthdays at the end of July. Here are a couple photos of us celebrating on the Argosy Cruise.
(Notice: Dad has shaved off his mustache. Something that I have never seen in my lifetime: his upper lip.)

10 August 2008

Wedding Bliss

My sister Amy got married recently, here are a couple of photos I took of her on her special day.

03 July 2008

Father's Day

Ok so I know that this is a little late in coming, but our internet was down for like a week... I just gotta get some photos on here before the madness of Amy's wedding begins.


Here we are on Father's Day at Marymoor Park. Sara employed me to do a Tribble family photo shoot with her hubby, Nathaniel and their boys so we got a couple of us too, the soon to be parents...

And here are a couple of my favorite photos from the shoot of my very cool and stylish nephews.

And the daddy to be stopping to smell the flowers while he has a moment to himself. I got him the shirt he is wearing, it says "Vidi, Veni, Infanti" (I saw, I came, I made a baby!) Hehe

27 May 2008

Fun in the Sun

My dear friend Anna and I went to Folklife Festival over the weekend and we managed to get some photos of eachother down on Lake Union. What a beautifully fun day!

06 May 2008

my body

Well, I am definately feeling (and seeing) the effects of pregnancy on my body now. It's kinda nice to have strangers now recognizing that I am pregnant now too. Of course along with the cute baby bump come all the joys of being 'larger' which involves various aches and pains...

27 April 2008

Mt. Baker

Just yesterday, I was able to go up to Mt. Baker for the day with my dear friend Megan and her boyfriend Kyle. We had a great day hiking and playing in the beautiful weather.
This is a very cute church I saw on the way out to Mt. Baker.


We've been working on the baby room and this is what we have got so far.
Here is the crib.

I made the curtains and painted the bookshelf!

I have been having fun with the circus theme!

14 April 2008


Mom and I went hiking in the woods this saturday and enjoyed the sunshine! The flowers in my yard enjoyed the sun we had as well.


Here are a couple of my favorites from our wedding (over 2 years ago!) What a great memory.