20 January 2011

eight photos and a confession

(confession: I missed a day, January 16th, Sunday. I guess I don't have a photo taken that day.)

11 January 2011

Our days have been filled with potty training, watching Wallace and Gromit, playing in the teepee, finding treasures, munching on popcorn, and waiting for snow in these cold winter days.

06 January 2011

the past few days

I have been working with a beautiful shade of green wool. Making my first sweater for myself.

Playing 'farm' with Rion. Including dinosaurs and hippos.

Wearing my TOMS everyday...
(difficult photo to take.)

found a new knitting blog... love!

03 January 2011


we are in full swing of potty training. successful day in big boy underwear with no accidents!

(little explaination about this photo: the less clothes he has on the crazier he gets. He was running around so fast I couldn't get a decent photo of him)

we also completed a couple puzzles :)


senior session.

I like this one because I had fun with pretty bokeh and he looks all glowy.

01 January 2011

new year's resolution

I will begin posting my daily photo on this blog to lessen the clutter of everyday life on my photography blog. Here is my photo for today... give you one guess what my new years resolution is...