02 May 2011

April Showers

grocery shopping with mommy, chocolate donut on his face

seedlings in the ground

'ball yarn' strung all over the house. fun game!

knitting with mommy. I have started two new blankets for baby2.

finished first sweater for myself.

Easter morning. camoflauge eggs with bugs!

Egg Hunt with family and friends

Crosswalk on Good Friday




(paycheck from Orange Blossom Society)

baby shower with the ladies

feeding the ducks at Bothell Country Village

bottees for Bear

diaper cake for Bear

cutting the (diaper) cake

Rion is a frog


the buddies with their Palawan t-shirts

the men at a Baby Shower

beet seedlings

pretty daffodil growing alone in a grassy field.

Primo Basso