31 March 2008


We had our 'big ultrasound' today where we got to watch the baby for a bit and get some great photos. Of course all of the major organs were checked out to be fine, and measurements were taken. The child is 9oz. which is right on target for how old it is. I am just about halfway through this pregnancy and I am enjoying being able to feel it move. No we did not find out what the gender is, which we could have done. The ultrasound tech was very good about keeping it a secret for us. Of course Joshua thinks he saw boy parts, but who knows, we will see for sure when the child is born. It was still early in the morning so it was not moving much for us and it opened its mouth real big like a yawn. I usually dont feel it moving till more like 10am. Wouldn't it be nice if it kept that schedule up.
I've been working on figuring out what all needs to be done to prepare and have started on fixing up the baby's room. I have made one of the two blankets that I have bought fabric for and have finished the curtains and painting the bookshelf. Next big thing is purchasing the crib and dresser that I have picked out. I am really liking how the circus theme is taking shape.

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