31 March 2011

All of March (minus a day or two)

looking at Aunt Amy's animal book

Mason's 1st Birthday Party
being 'made' into the bed
computers with daddy
'danger high voltage'

spring-summer reading goal
beginnings of a t-shirt quilt for Rion
Rion's naptime fort
17 year old sweet cat
cowboy hats!
yakima fruit stand
at the park
climbing all by himself

oatmeal, banana, walnut, chocolate chip cookies
just finished vest for Bear
shaving like daddy
at the lake
first skinned knee of the season
craft project?
high hopes
first photo of the new addition
at the Braden's remembering Uncle Alan
tall tower


Trudy said...

these new ones are fun, lea! i especially liked that you have one with abby, and of course wearing cowboy hats with his best buddy... you have been very good about keeping up with your 'photo journaling' :)

Lindsay said...

yeah new baby photos! so cute. Hope you're still feeling pretty good this time around.

I love seeing everything else you guys are up to!