21 February 2010

Okay. It's been a while.

I have been pouring over all these wonderfully artistic blogs recently that highlight beautiful families and their adventures... and I have neglected my own! I realized that it has been about 6 months now since I posted last. That's terrible. I would love to get much better at this...
Here are some photos from the past six months to catch this poor blog up.

Joshua's Graduation

At the Pumpkin Patch (aka Mud Patch)

Anthony's 1st Birthday/Halloween Party

Family Photo (taken just after Thanksgiving)

Christmas Time with Santa

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary (02/04/10)

Little Man at just about 18mths old

Sunny Days at the Park

Of course we have been quite busy... with the holidays full of growing families! Here are the latest additions to our extended family.

Mason Parker 12/17/09

Sienna Grace 12/27/09

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The Horne's said...

Lea! It was really late at night and she had the room pretty dim, so it was hard to get good photos - either kind of blurry or fuzzy with out flash, or flash which never looks the best. But they turned out fine. I hope to take some good day light natural light ones of his little body, he needed to be wrapped up cause of his temp, so we couldn't get his cute limbs. :-)