04 March 2010


I am sure most who know me, know that I knit.
Here are some photos of the most recent things I have knit.

A teddy for Miss Molly
(first attempt with this pattern)

Gabe's Hat for his 2nd Birthday (modeled by a friend)

'A' initial Blanket for Anthony's 1st Birthday

Hat for Joshua
(I made a matching one for Rion but it is difficult for me to
get him to wear it long enough to get a decent photo of it.)

Hat for Mason

Booties for Mason
(I made booties for Sienna too, just white instead of red)

Teddy for Mason
(I made a teddy for Sienna too, the same yarn, just a gold bow instead of green.)

Blanket for Sienna
(this square pattern is one of my favorites,
I made a blue one for Gabe and red for Rion when they were born.)
Of course there are more hats, blankets, bears, and scarves that have been completed, but there is a sampling. Currently I am working on my first sweater (brown, for Rion) and will then start on another blanket (black, polka dot pattern) and some more hats ;)
I just love having close friends and family to knit for!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

You are an amazing knitter! I can only knit in straight lines (like scarves and hot pads) so this is all really impressive to me.