27 August 2010

Rion is 2

We had a great time celebrating Rion's 2nd Birthday last weekend. He is getting to be such a big boy! He amazes me everyday with his understanding, vocabulary, willingness to help, and sense of humor. We themed his party Robot style with homemade robot attire, a 'noise' wall, robot crafts, silver balloons, tents & tubes to crawl in, and of course red velvet cupcakes. "Rion, what does a robot say?" "Beep, bop, bip, bot." hehe he's so cute!

and this weekend is my golden birthday, 28 years on the 28th of August!

To commemorate my 28th year I have decided to post a photo a day on my photography blog.


I hope by commiting to this, it forces me to get out there and take LOTS of photos and in turn get some great ones out of it. I have a mission trip planned in November that will provide me some amazing and new views/perspectives to photograph, and I know that this task will also force me to have other more local adventures to photograph.

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