30 August 2010


So I got to go shopping for a couple hours today while Joshua watched Rion. I had planned on going to a few stores and ended up spending all of my time (3 hours) at the Goodwill. Ahhh I love that store. You never know what treasures you will find. Here is the list from today's trip:
navy slacks, pretty blouse, dansko shoes, two toddler sweatshirts, two toddler t-shirts, toddler pants, two sippy cups, two novels, and 'cars' fabric to make a gift. And the grand total = $26 !!
I really took advantage of the sale they were having and feel like I got some great bargains. Gotta love thrift shopping :)

I leave you with a photo of Rion running/dancing at the park from the other day.

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